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Errrrm not so great


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I’m assuming you’re asking as to why I choose not to consume meat? I have spent the majority of my life subsisting on an omnivorous diet whilst simultaneously adoring animals and being an advocate for the preservation of innocent life. Well, at least I thought so… About six months ago, after watching Blackfish I became wildly angered by the disturbing mistreatment of these beautiful (and highly emotionally aware) creatures. Later, as I sat down to divulge in the bowl spaghetti bolognese my mum had prepared, it really got me thinking about the strange manner in which I differentiated between the value of an orca’s life and the value of that of a cow’s. Who was I to determine which earthling’s life should be trivialised & treated as food and which should be passionately protected? I’d supposed I’d never really recognised the hypocritical nature of my ethical values. So, I made the decision to do some research by looking into lifestyles which work to eliminate animal products from our diets. After, the first few documentaries I watched (100 Reasons to Go Vegan and EarthlingsI was simply devastated- it all made perfect sense and I had this eerie (and mildly dramatic) feeling that I had been somewhat living a lie and expending innocent life out of absolutely no means of necessity. There is absolutely NO REASON for humans to consume the flesh of other animals aside from taste & convenience - every nutrient that may be found within meat can be sourced from a variety of other cruelty-free alternatives. I could babble on about all the reasons why I immediately made the decision to discontinue the consumption of meat, but I think those films summarise them perfectly and I highly suggest you invest some time into viewing them. Although I do not classify myself as a vegan, I have significantly lowered my consumption of dairy and eggs and on the occasions that I do consume them, I ensure that they are not being sourced from factory farms, but from producers who exercise sustainable agricultural practices and work to treat their animals in a manner that is an non-detrimental as possible. Currently, I am actively working to transition to an entirely plant-based lifestyle but I am also being conscientious of the foods which my body has become habituated to and am, therefore, being mindful in my approach. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to message me xx

are you a vego??
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I sure am xx

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