Maja Matkovic photographed by Bruna Kazinoti
Eugène Ionesco’s The Lesson | Production Night One
On the set of The Lesson 
Have you bought your formal dress? If so what's it like? From wheeree?
- Anonymous

Yes I bought a dress last weekend, yay! You can have a quick peek at it here (it’s a lot nicer on) xx

Favourite tv show?
- Anonymous

BLUE WATER HIGH (super lame, I know) my god, I am so hooked right now

Plans for the school hols?
- Anonymous

School formal at the end of the term, having friends to come up and stay with me, a little surfing, a heap of studying and just taking some time off to breathe. xx 




i’d be scared shitless if i were them

It’s actually the most peaceful thing I’ve ever done. It’s nice not being able to touch the ground since I’m such a tall person, although I’m not the person in the picture, I have done it and it was the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world.